What are the top 6 functions and features of AccountSend.com?

» Automated task reminders
» Automated follow up reminders to the original task reminders
Individual client account cloud storage
Assign individual clients to staff
Send appointment reminders
Send invoice, birthday and holiday reminders

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How do task reminders get sent to my clients?
The messages are automatically delivered via email and SMS.

How difficult is it to set up task reminders and follow ups?
The system was built with a similar user interface similar to Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. It’s something almost everyone is familiar with so there is a very short learning curve.

Can I schedule reminders based on date?
Yes,Task reminders can be sent as one off, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Can I send a 1 off reminder with no follow ups?
Yes, you are able to send out any task you want your clients to do for you.

How many follow up reminders can I send?
As many as you want. Once you set an initial reminder you can set the system to send out on any day or days you want follow up in case your clients have not delivered the information and documents you required.



How many documents can I store per client?
Each client gets their own storage account controlled by you, the professional. You can store as many documents as you need for each of your clients.

How do the clients access the documents once stored?
All of your clients are automatically sent a username and password once you set them up in your portal. Only you and the client have access to the documents.



How many documents can I have signed?
Literally, unlimited documents. Get as many documents signed by any amount of clients if that’s your need.

What files types do you allow?
Any PDF file you upload can be signed.

Where are the documents stored?
All documents, once signed, are stored in the client and professionals online, secured, cloud storage vault. Only you and the client have access to the documents.

How does the client know they need to have a document signed?
The client receives an email from the system once a document is uploaded. The email has all of the details necessary for the client to sign.



Can I upload all of my clients from my current CRM or Accounting program such as Quickbooks, Outlook contacts, Google contacts, Sage, Xero, Thompson Reuters, and others?
Yes, there are direct integrations where all you need is your current login and password to your CRM. The system automatically imports the clients you want to use in AccountSend.com.

What if I have my clients in a spreadsheet or another system outside of a CRM?
You are able to easily upload via a CSV file. We provide a template for the upload which you can download via your dashboard.

Can I manually enter contacts?
Yes, you can enter 1 at a time each client you have.


Are files safe on your servers?
Yes, we have fully encrypted cloud storage with the highest level of server security.

What about personal information and privacy?
We do NOT sell, distribute, market, or dispense any information both personal and business wise. We take privacy and data seriously and will continue to provide the highest level of security of your data.

Who has access to the client calendar, task lists and data?
Only you and your client will have access to the information. Both accounts have fully encrypted logins and passwords. Only you and your client will be able to see that data.


Do my clients get a login in to their own account to access their reminder calendar and documents?
Yes, once you import clients the system automatically sends out an email to the client with a link to their client portal with a username and password.



Can I set up multiple logins for staff members?
Yes, you can give each of your staff members individual logins and passwords

Can I assign individual clients to staff members?
Yes, each staff can manage and communicate with clients assigned to them.



How long is my contact?
There are no contracts. You are able to cancel anytime for any reason.

What if I do not like the system in the first 30 days?
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with the service we will refund the entire amount to you.

How many clients can I use with this system?
We have several plans available ranging from 25 clients up to 1,000 clients. If you have more than 1,000 clients we can customize a plan for you. Simply contact info@

Can I upgrade my plan if I want to add clients?
Yes, you can upgrade and downgrade based on your usage.

Are the reminders SPAM complaint?
Yes, your clients are already opted in based on them being your clients. You’ve already established communication with them so you can send them any message you want.